Second Chances Denver offers women a multi-phase training program over a 12-18 month period:

iStock_000017783117_MediumFirst Phase: Includes an introduction to positive work ethics and life skills. Basic expectations and requirements of employment include punctuality, attendance, teamwork, respect for authority, and consistent attention to detail.

Second Phase: Continues with the building of customer service, cleaning and customer relations at our commercial cleaning sites with specific steps for managing life successfully.

Daily life skill development addresses punctuality, grooming, goal setting, resume building, interview skills, and interpersonal skills. More extensive mentoring and training occurs daily focusing on each individual’s specific needs as it relates to job readiness, barriers to employment, and how to overcome daily turmoil.

Program/Life Skills classes are uniquely offered to each woman. Additionally, a non-secular, faith based job curriculum, Jobs for Life began in November, 2016

Professionals in marketing, retail, banking, counseling, and education hold training classes teaching our participants the ins and outs of their profession. Question and Answer sessions also help our participants in specific areas of need. Each participant selects classes of interest in a 3 to 6 month period.

Attainment of educational goals is stressed, with individual GED preparation tutoring sessions held at partner sites, along with assistance in navigating admissions and financial aid processes.

Assistance in identifying resources for food, housing, childcare, healthcare, counseling, transportation, vocational planning, and long-term job opportunities are available for our participants.

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