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Something about Hope


Something about hope instead of despair, and a path out of poverty touches me deeply. I think about a woman I knew named Clyddie. When I met her she was raising her grandson Michael in a rundown rental while her daughter was in prison. I saw how afraid she was that Michael would be taken from her if the authorities found out that her heat had been shut off and she still could not pay the bill. She begged me please not to tell anyone. She was willing to work hard, and her faith in God was strong, but they were suffering, in part because of felony records. How would I feel in her place? I’m thankful to have met her for many reasons. Everyone deserves second chances, and I want my sisters like Clyddie and their families to have them. We are Jesus’ people, and should be all about redemption and grace, after all.

~Carol Willis
Board of Directors