Ashley Furniture Free Bed Assistance Program In 2024

Through the Ashley Furniture Free Bed Assistance Program, you can get free bed and furniture assistance in a few minutes without spending dollars.

Home furnishings are an essential part of any home, but they can be costly. The cost of high-end furniture is not affordable for everyone, and some people only need furniture for a short while, so purchasing new furniture is not necessary.

The good news is that low-income households and those less fortunate can get free furniture from furniture banks and organizations. The Ashley Furniture Free Bed Assistance Program is designed to ignite your curiosity, deepen your understanding, and empower you to harness its power for personal and professional success. 

Let’s take a closer look,

What is Ashley Furniture Free Bed Assistance?

The Ashley Furniture brand has been around since 1945 and is arguably the most well-known furniture brand in the USA. A Wisconsin-based furniture manufacturer has grown into a global leader in furniture retail.

The company’s origins date back to the early 1970s, when Arcadia Furniture and Ashley Cabinetry merged to become a worldwide furniture provider.

As a result of the merger, Ashley’s furniture was created. Ashley started off as a small operation but soon began making moves that quickly propelled the business to the top of the furniture market.

Why Do People Need Furniture Assistance For Houses?


A term called “Furniture Poverty” refers to when low-income families lack the furniture items in their homes. Low income families may be impacted by furniture poverty since they cannot afford tables, chairs, sofas, beds, mattresses, etc. You can’t relax or sleep properly without furniture, and you can’t sleep at all without a bed. 

A person or family experiencing poverty due to housing issues, unemployment, or low incomes tends to suffer from Furnitey Poverty. As a result, low-income families need to be aware of government assistance programs and other programs that assist them with furniture costs.

In a study, the National Low Income Housing Coalition found that more than 8.2 million U.S. citizens spend more than 30 percent of their income on housing. Because of this, they may have difficulty managing other expenses, like furniture installation.

What Are Free Furniture Voucher Programs?

Furniture vouchers are essentially coupons that offer high discounts on furniture that you like. A voucher like this is available to low-income families or those without the means to furnish their homes. A nonprofit organization or other charitable organization generally offers vouchers.

Types of Ashley Furniture Free Assistance

The majority of Ashley products are assembled right here in the USA, and they are tested for quality before they are delivered to your door. The furniture you purchase from us will last for many years to come, so you can be confident that you are getting a quality piece of furniture that you will enjoy for years to come. Alternatively, if you are not near an Ashley Furniture location, you can visit one of our Big Sandy locations. 

The following are some of the services provided:

The Dining Room Furniture

Ashley Furniture dining room sets make it easy to dress up your dining room. You can find the right pieces for any dining room set, whether you need a table and chairs, barstools, bench seating, or a buffet. Whether you are looking for traditional designs or contemporary styles, Ashley Furniture offers collections and sets to meet any taste or style.  

This five-piece dining room set features a classic two-tone finish that exudes clean, contemporary lines. The tabletop and chairs have a brushed texture with a light-washed finish, creating a weathered appearance that complements the fresh and crisp white frame. A beautiful, well-polished look is achieved by using Acacia veneers and other select hardwoods. It’s the perfect set for mealtimes and family gatherings, whether it’s your nightly dining area or a special occasion set. 

Home Decor 

The larger rooms in a home tend to get the most attention, but the in-between areas are not overlooked. Your home will be filled with style and originality with our quality décor. The possibilities are endless when it comes to expressing your creativity with an area rug to complement your living room space, beautiful lamps to enhance your reading light, or even diving even deeper into your artistic side with our wide range of wall art, mirrors, pillow sets, clocks, and home accents.

Ashley Furniture’s Oengus Accent Mirror is one of our favorite decorative pieces. This dramatic addition is inspired by stained glass cathedral windows to add light and warmth to your interior living space. Its metal design work accented by industrial fittings adds depth and personality to this piece of furniture. A mirror like this will beautifully complement any style or home decor, no matter what it reflects. 

Home Office 

The COVID-19 pandemic has made it imperative to have a comfortable and productive home office since so many people now work from home. The right furniture should be incorporated into your home office so that you can express your creative side and focus on your work during the day. It’s time to get rid of your couch or bed if you’re working from them right now and get furniture that will serve you well. The Ashley Furniture line includes office chairs, desks, bookshelves, bookcases, storage cabinets, and workstations to help you stay productive for an entire 8-hour workday. 

The Home Office Lift Top Desk gives you a comfortable, homey feel while you work. This pinewood desk reflects the warmth of a modern farmhouse style. You’ll find an inviting glow when you need an extra boost of energy, thanks to the distressed finish throughout the veneer construction. 

A smooth-gliding drawer and spring-lift tabletop allow you to set the ideal working position easily. You’ll be able to keep all your files and office essentials in order, charge your devices using an outlet strip, and stand when it’s time for the 7th inning stretch or lunch. 

The Living Room 

A living room without the right furniture isn’t a living room. Living rooms are more than just sanctuary spaces; they’re gathering places for everyone who enters them. Therefore, we strive to offer living room furnishings that promote solidarity and familiarity. The Ashley Furniture living room sets in our collection are designed to help you establish a worthy living space, whether it’s with fireplaces, chairs and sofas, ottomans, sectionals, recliners, or entertainment centers.

Whether you need furniture to relax or make a statement in your home, the Left-Arm Facing Corner Chaise will do the trick. This cobalt blue corner chaise has a crisp, clean design that’s clearly inspired by mid-century modern furniture, bringing an effortlessly chic sense of style. In addition to a subtly tufted seat cushion, a feather-filled toss pillow adds extra comfort.

Cushions are made of highly-resilient foam wrapped in poly fiber, the platform provides more support than a spring system, and it maintains a tight, wrinkle-free appearance without dips or sagging. It is a durable, comfortable, and quality piece of furniture that has been rigorously tested to simulate the home environment. 

The Bedroom 

Your bedroom should always be one of your favorite rooms in your house. A space that is uniquely you can be created by splurging a little. Ashley Furniture has an extensive collection of quality bedroom pieces that can improve the look and feel of your old, dated bedroom. Bedrooms are more than just places to sleep, so what you choose for them should reflect your character. There are a variety of bedroom furnishings we carry, including beds, chests, cabinets, dressers, nightstands, vanity tables, mirrors, and trunks. When paired with our mattress selection, your bedroom will look good, and you’ll get a great night’s sleep.

You can even find Ashley Furniture kids’ bedroom sets. It can be difficult to find bedroom furniture that will fit your kiddos and still be visually appealing at the same time. They’d sleep in a racecar bed if they could. 

How To Find Free Beds Near You?

How To Find Free Beds Near You

You can find free beds by doing a simple search and study. Here are some ways to find free beds in your area. 

Find Free Beds in My Area

There is a wealth of information available online, and you can get any information you need from it. The easiest way to find free beds near me is to search online for them. There are many charities and nonprofit organizations offering free bed programs, which you can find information about. The next step is to find an organization close to your home. 

Physically Visit The Organization

 Once you have searched and found so many resources online, you can visit them physically if they are located nearby. There is a staff there who can provide you with information about the program and how to get started. You can certainly get guidelines from them on this matter. 

Call 211

 This emergency number can assist you in finding many organizations and resources that provide free beds in your area. You should be prepared to explain your needs to the phone call responder when calling this number so that they can assist you. 

Consult Family And Friends

 When you are in a crisis, you need to be honest and open about your need for anything. It’s possible that your friends and family will understand that you need beds, and they will be able to provide you with a free one. They do this when they are moving and have old or slightly used beds they wish to donate to you. 

Check Out Freecycle

 It is an online marketplace where you can request anything you need. The less fortunate can get all types of free things free of cost because these things are recycled and donated to the less fortunate if they can be used. You can start with this platform by visiting their website and asking for assistance with free beds. 

Eligibility Criteria For Ashley Furniture Free Bed Assistance Program

There may be differences in the eligibility criteria for the Ashley Furniture Free Bed Assistance “Hope to Dream” program depending on the implementation and partnership agreements in different regions. These are some of the most common eligibility criteria:

  • A typical participant is a child between the ages of 3 and 16. A program’s guidelines may vary slightly regarding this age range.
  • Financial assistance is often available for families and children experiencing hardship, including low-income households, families in transitional housing, and others.
  • There may be geographic restrictions on eligibility, such as residents of the areas where Ashley Furniture operates or where its partner organizations are located. There may be a requirement for proof of residency, such as a utility bill or lease agreement.
  • The program may require referrals from partner organizations, such as schools, social service agencies, and community nonprofits. Families in need can be identified and applications can be facilitated by these organizations.
  • Eligibility may be determined by other factors such as family size, household composition, and extenuating circumstances.
  • Due to limited resources and funding, programs may prioritize assistance for families with the greatest needs or those who meet specific program criteria.

To inquire about eligibility criteria and application procedures specific to their area, families interested in receiving assistance through the “Hope to Dream” program should contact their local Ashley Furniture stores or their partner organizations. It is also recommended that you check directly with Ashley Furniture or its affiliates for the latest information on program guidelines and eligibility criteria.

 How To Apply for Ashley Furniture Free Bed Assistance Program?

_How To Apply for Ashley Furniture Free Bed Assistance Program

Follow these steps to apply for a free bed through Ashley Furniture Free Bed Assistance “Hope to Dream” program:

Find Local Partners

You can contact local Ashley Furniture stores or check the Ashley Furniture website to find out which local charities are participating in the “Hope to Dream” program. Organizations such as these provide referrals and assist in application processes.

Partner Organization Contact Information

 Obtain more information about the application process for receiving a free bed from the partner organization identified. Their staff can provide information about eligibility criteria, documentation requirements, and specific application instructions.

Complete Application

 You will be guided through the application process once you have contacted the partner organization. The financial status of your family, the age of the children needing a bed, and other related information may be required.

Checking And Approving

 The partner organization will review you, and your eligibility for assistance will be verified. A financial need assessment, residency status, and other eligibility criteria may be assessed.

Delivery And Pickup of Beds

 The free bed will be delivered or picked up after your application is approved. Partner organizations will coordinate delivery or pickup dates with you and ensure that the bed meets your requirements.

Providing Follow-up And Support

 You will receive support and resources from the partner organization after receiving the bed. It may also be possible to get assistance with assembly or installation from them.

Be Grateful

You may wish to express gratitude to Ashley Furniture and the partner organization for their generosity and support. It may also be helpful to share your experience with others so that more families will benefit from the program.

Throughout the application process, stay in touch with the partner organization and promptly provide any requested documentation or information.

Locations of Ashley Furniture Free Bed Assistance Program

Here we’ve provide top 5 Ashley Furniture stores:

  • 2059 Scenic Hwy N, Snellville, GA 30078 – (470) 307-4286
  • 3295 Buford Dr Suite 100, Buford, GA 30519 – (678) 714-3850
  • 2900 Stonecrest Cir, Stonecrest, GA 30038 – (770) 484-2910
  • 5980 North Point Pkwy, Alpharetta, GA 30022 – (470) 286-1602
  • 2475 Market Pl Blvd, Cumming, GA 30041 – (770) 292-8020

Other Churches and Charities That Provide Free Beds

The following churches and charities provide free beds to their members. There are also other ways to get free beds, such as these. 

Sleep in Heavenly Peace 

Sleep in Heavenly Peace is one of the volunteer groups that creates bunk beds of the highest quality for children. This is a nonprofit organization that helps children in need. To obtain beds for your children, visit the SHP website and fill out the online form. Alternatively, you may call 844-432-2337 for more clarification. Your children should be between 3 and 17 years old and living near one in order to receive assistance. This bed also requires space in your home. 

St. Vincent De Paul

    The St. Vincent De Paul Society runs throughout the United States. A faith-based organization that supports and assists low-income families. You can request beds or mattresses from St. Vincent De Paul in your area. Depending on the location, Cincinnati St. Vincent De Paul may provide beds and mattresses through the Bob and Sylvia Rahe Mattress Fund. For beds, you must contact St. Vincent De Paul in your area. 

    Love Inc.

     Love Inc. is a nonprofit organization dedicated to making a difference in communities nationwide. This difference has a significant impact on the fate of low-income families. The organization accepts donations of beds, mattresses, and bedroom steps for families in need. Consequently, this is a place where children or family members can request free beds. The key to getting free beds is to explain how they help you live well. It is important to contact local Love Inc. to find out what your needs are. 

    The Salvation Army

     Salvation Army is a faith-based community that works across the country. The organization firmly believes that needy people can reach God. There are several assistance programs available at your local Salvation Army Centre. Similar to mattresses and furniture, you may need beds or mattresses from the Salvation Army, and you should explain your need. You may check out the Salvation Army’s free furniture giveaway program to find the best deal. Just don’t wait to get in touch with your local Salvation Army when you need beds. 

    United Way

     Similarly, United Way is a nonprofit organization, but this organization does not provide beds directly. You can also find tons of resources on free bed programs near your location. The United Way website or 211 can provide you with resources and organizations near you that provide free mattresses and beds. The purpose of this hub is to provide you with information that is helpful to every U.S. citizen. 

    Cribs for Kids

     Several international organizations understand the importance of sleep for babies, including Cribs for Kids. Families with low incomes who cannot afford cribs and other sleep accessories for their babies can apply for free cribs. A financial constraint and an infant under 12 months of age are also necessary, along with safe sleep education. You can find Cribettes through cribs for kids’ partners, so don’t hesitate to visit your nearest one. 


     The BEDS4KIDS charity offers free mattresses to children, teens, and adults. In order to get started with the program, you need to go to their website and fill out the application. A photo I.D. is required to get mattresses, and you can get them on a first-come, first-served basis. Additionally, setting up a Facebook Page according to your location can help you connect with local resources, including churches that help with utility bills and car payments, and other community support services.”


    Does Medicare Cover Mattress for Seniors?

    Seniors who require medically necessary beds and mattresses are covered under part B of Medicare.

    Can You Give A Mattress To Charity?

    Donating used beds and mattresses to charities or other community welfare groups will contribute to the overall well-being of society. Donating used beds and mattresses to charities or other community welfare groups will contribute to the overall well-being of society.

    What Is The Ashley Furniture Free Bed Assistance Program?

    In partnership with Ashley Furniture, the Free Bed Assistance Program provides beds to individuals and families in need.

    What Exactly Is ‘Hope To Dream’?

    The Hope To Dream Foundation was founded in 2010. A program called Ashley Furniture Free Bed Assistance provides beds to children from low-income families in the United States and Canada. Ashley stores that are part of the program donate a portion of their sales to buy beds for hungry children.

    Is Ashley Furniture Produced In China?

    The Ashley Furniture Company manufactures and distributes furniture in Wisconsin, Mississippi, Pennsylvania, North Carolina, Florida, Vietnam, and China. The Ashley furniture company manufactures lounge furniture, dining room furniture, bedroom furniture, entertainment furniture, and business furniture both domestically and abroad.

    How Does The Ashley Furniture Free Bed Assistance Program Work?

    A partnership with a local charity or organization is typically required for the program to operate. Through these partner organizations, people in need can apply for beds, which are then distributed according to their applications.

    Who Is Eligible To Receive Assistance From The Ashley Furniture Free Bed Assistance Program?

    A partner organization’s eligibility criteria may vary depending on their specific guidelines. The program provides assistance to individuals and families facing financial hardships and unable to afford a bed.

    What Is The Difference Between Ashely Furniture And Ashely Furniture Homestore?

    The Ashley Furniture Company is an American furniture store chain that sells Ashely furniture products. A large range of indoor furniture, decorating accessories, and mattresses can be found at Ashely HomeStore in some countries. 

    Can A 3-year-old Have A Full-size Bed?

    It may not be necessary to have a full-sized bed for toddlers, but it may be necessary for kids aged 8 and older. The beds are categorized by age group and available in custom sizes.


    We’ve briefly discussed the Ashley Furniture Free Bed Assistance Program and found out how low-income families can get free mattresses. This article gives you comprehensive information about free beds and mattresses.