Low Income Air Conditioning Assistance

Government assistance programs, churches, and local charities provide free air conditioners to low-income families under low income air conditioning assistance. Many charities and government programs give away AC units; utility companies and other organizations offer free units.

Low-income families are provided free air conditioners through government programs of low income air conditioning assistance and local charities. An applicant’s household size and the amount of funding a charity organization offers to determine whether they can receive help. There may be a way to provide a free air conditioner for low-income families in 2023 through the government or a nearby charity.

How to Get Free Air Conditioners Under Low Income Air Conditioning Assistance?

Low Income Air Conditioning Assistance

As a result of the financial crisis, every low-income family faces many problems. Their life has taught them many sacrifices. Free air conditioners are being provided by government and non-government organizations.

Different types of assistance are provided to those families through such programs. One of the programs is for Low Income Air Conditioning Assistance. Many non-profit organizations, charities, and government organizations help individuals and families. A charity provides services through the donations that people make. Seniors can also benefit from many programs that provide free air conditioning under low income air conditioning assistance.

Please fill out the online form and adhere to the given dates. Check the official website for detailed information about date and timing. Air conditioning assistance for low-income families must be applied for at the local head department. Your application will be accepted if you carry all your documents.

1. Home Energy Assistance Program (HEAP)

You must meet the eligibility criteria for the Home Energy Assistance Program to apply online. The coordinator will visit your site and install a free air conditioner at your house once your application is reviewed and determined eligible.

Eligibility criteria of Home Energy Assistance Program (HEAP)

To qualify for the free air conditioner, you must meet certain criteria. Under the HEAP program, low-income families can get a free air conditioner. Below, you will find the HEAP requirements for providing free air conditioners.

  • The United States is your country of citizenship, as well as the country of your family members. The location of your home should be on the list, as well as a document proving that your family member’s health is deteriorating because of the heat in your home.
  • In the future, HEAP will verify the household income based on the monthly income you provide.


  • It should be an A code from Supplemental Security Income (SSI).
  • In the current working year, you should receive $21 in benefits, and if you have an old AC from HEAP that is over five years old, you can participate again.
  • ACs provided by HEAP are not eligible if you have received one in the last 10 years.

2. Weatherization Assistance Program 

Low-income families can receive free air conditioning through this energy assistance program. As a result, you will be able to keep your household costs low and stabilize the environment in your home.

You can get a free machine through the local weatherization program. We will review your application within twenty minutes after you submit it. A free air conditioner will be given to you if you meet the criteria.

3. The DOE Program

Low-income families are eligible for this program, sponsored by the Department of Energy. It is possible to get a new machine if you are elderly, or you can repair your old machine if you are young. State rules determine the availability. To qualify, you must meet the following requirements:

  • Citizenship in the US is required.  
  • Minimum wage income is required.
  • When you apply for a free air conditioner, you cannot get other benefits. A five-year-old AC is required. You cannot own another unit.

4. Free Air Conditioners from Churches

People from low-income groups may be able to get free air conditioning from churches. There are times when your local church will pay for the unit. It is mainly due to the generosity of people of faith. Underprivileged people receive assistance from the churches from that source.

Instead of paying for an AC, you can get a free one. The benefits might not be available to you if you don’t attend church or are not a believer. Hence, you must attend their services for a few weeks to get a life-saving machine.

5. Energy Star Tax Credit Free Air Conditioners

You can receive a 10% tax credit, up to $500, when you install an Energy Star air conditioner. Air conditioners can be purchased new or replaced with this credit. Credits are only available to air conditioners that meet certain efficiency standards of low income air conditioning assistance.

Models with the highest efficiency typically exceed the government’s minimum efficiency standards by 20-25%. There are a variety of manufacturers that produce Energy Star-qualified air conditioners. Visit the Energy Star website for a list of qualifying models.

6. Get a Free Air Conditioner from Thrift Stores Under Low Income Air Conditioning Assistance

The Salvation Army, Goodwill, and St. Vincent de Paul Society can give you a free air conditioner. There are often new models of appliances at these places, and they tend to give away the old ones as well. Donate to these charities by shopping at their stores.

They will donate the old phones to the new ones, replacing them with the new ones. For a unit for your home, you can contact the local stores. You may need to get a referral from a community organization. The machine must, however, be carried by you.

Energy efficiency has numerous benefits for you and your family

  • You may be able to save money each month if you invest in energy efficiency and weatherization improvements
  • Making your home more comfortable can be achieved through energy efficiency and weatherization
  • Weatherization and energy efficiency reduce overall energy demand, thereby reducing pollution from power plants

Residents must meet certain income, household size, and energy use requirements within our service counties. Services may be available to qualified people based on income and other factors. 

Your entire family can enjoy a more comfortable living environment by weatherizing your residence.

7. Society of Saint Vincent de Paul

You know, it is a voluntary organization that assists people with special needs. If you can expand your condition, you can get an AC unit for free through the program. Summer is the best time to visit. Some families can apply here if they live in tiny houses or apartments without air conditioning. 

A copy of your ID proof and the latest medical records must accompany your application. Then, they will schedule an appointment. You will receive your free AC within a few days after your application is approved. 

Only one air conditioner is available per house, so you cannot apply if you live in the same house with another person. Applicants must also have yet to receive AC under the same program within the past five years. The Society of Saint Vincent de Paul addresses the needs of senior citizens and asthmatic children.

The organization also cares for those who cannot live and leave home due to health problems in the scorching heat. Because of this, they offer you a free cooling system through WCPO – 9 On Your Side, Huntington Bank, and Braun Heating. Five hundred fans and 350 air conditioners are donated to people in need.

How to claim low-income energy assistance 

State governments are responsible for administering LIHEAP, but the federal government funds it. You can apply for help in different states and receive different types of assistance. LIHEAP administrators determine eligibility by reviewing your application. The local LIHEAP can assist you with your bills if there is enough funding. According to the National Low Income Housing Coalition, only around 20% of eligible households receive assistance. 

Using the LIHEAP office search tool, you can find the website of your local LIHEAP office. A county agency usually handles applications. The application process can be found on the LIHEAP website for your county. You may have to visit or call your local office if your state does not allow you to complete LIHEAP applications online. 

Frequently asked questions 

Am I eligible to apply for LIHEAP?

The LIHEAP program is available to Washington residents who meet the income guidelines and have yet to receive a LIHEAP grant during the current program year (October- September). The Eligibility Guidelines (PDF) page shows the income limits at 150% of the federal poverty level (FPL). On this site, eligibility information is only provided as a guide. Your local LIHEAP provider can determine your eligibility. Visit the “How to apply” section to find a provider and schedule an appointment.

Where do I apply for LIHEAP?

You must schedule an appointment with the LIHEAP provider in your community before applying for LIHEAP. The appointment scheduling process varies from agency to agency. Schedule appointments according to the agency’s procedures. The Department of Commerce does not schedule appointments. The “How To Apply” section above will tell you who provides LIHEAP in your area.

How do I apply for an Air Conditioner for Low Income Air Conditioning Assistance or Air Purifier Unit?

Air Conditioners and air purifiers are only available to LIHEAP-eligible individuals. In the “How to Apply” section, click on the map to contact your local LIHEAP agency. The Governor may only declare a State of Emergency for Wildfire Emergencies and offer air purifiers to those counties named in the declaration.